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To present my self: I was 12 years at sea, and the last 35 years I have been on offshore installations and offshore vessels.

I retired in November 2010. My hobby is international shipping. After 35 years in the offshore business in the North Sea, I will present some highlights on this site. When the Frigg Field was finished I thought the rest of my offshore life would be very dull. But it wasn't so.

First I went working on "Draugen Shell" a single column conkrete platform where the movement was very strange. But onboard, the crew was friendly and cooperativ, and I had a great time there.

Next, in 2007 I went to "Snorre A Statoil",  very different from the Frigg Field (Elf - Total) but very busy.  The atmosphere onboard was very good. I really felt at home here as well. There is this thing working offshore Norway; the people are nice and helpful, you soon feel at home.

When on Snorre A in 2007, I was also working on the Safe Scandinavia for a few mounths.

In 2008 I was on the Safe Scandinavia on the Sleipner B project. That lasted for about 7 mounths, and then back to Snorre A until November 2010. 

I will take the oportunity to thank all the people I have worked with offshore. They have all partisipated to make my work very easy.

 You will find some pictures from offshore installations and vessels.

I hope you will like this site. I promise there will be a lot of pictures for those who are interested in ships.

The picture above is from Las Palmas Dec. 28 2011, and the ship in the back is "Splendour of the Seas"



Erling M B Hellesund 

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Ole Kurt knutsen | Svar 13.10.2012 10.25

Takk for flotte nettsider og flotte gamle skip.
Etterlyser fint fargebilde av M/S " Ravnanger " bygget på Eriksberg 1963.
Er også på jakt etter spante tegn

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09.02 | 09:00

Hei Roald, hyggelig at du har kommentert her på siden. Får mer stoff om skip og sjøfolk prøv Fra Dekk og Dørk på Facebook.

09.02 | 08:58

Hei Rolf, hyggelig at du har vært inne å kommentert her på siden. Du finner mer om sjøfolk på Dekk og dørk på Facebook.

09.02 | 06:15

Var noen mnd på Telnes i 1970

08.02 | 15:35

Hadde noen måner om bord der høsten 77

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