Dutch build Doxford engine in Norwegian ships.

Huge and difficult welding work on "Cypria"

Source : "Båt og Bedding" 1955 The magazine for the workers on BMV. Bergen.

The texst in Norwegian, abouth welding work on "Cypria"

Source : "Båt og bedding 1955"

The book : De Doxford scheepsdieselmotoren van Wilton Fijenoord, by A.D van Eijk

Photographs have been supplied by friends and scann from magazines, and also including those published on the internet. If there are any copyright issues, let me know and I will add an acknowledgment with your permission, or remove the photograph.
This book with others are written by marine engineer A.D van Eijk (Tony)

Details about Norwegian ships Mv Grena. Inquiry by A.D. van Eijk, Rotterdam.

36) M/T GRENA (III) (LIII) (1950 – 1956)

Bygd av Nederlandche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij., Amsterdam (# 422)

10.426 brt, 6182 nrt, 16.320 t.dw.    521.5 x 68.0 x 28.4

5cyl. 2T EV Doxford DM (Wilton-Fijenoord NV, Schiedam), 5500 bHK


1950:   April: Delivered as  GRENA for A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen

1956:   Jan.: Sold to Cie. Financiera Belge des Petroles SA (Petrofina Soc.), Brüssel/ Antwerpen, Ble. Renamed  PURFINA SUISSE

1963:   Sold to Cie. D’Armement Maritime SA, Djibouti, Fr. Renamed   ESCALE DIEU

1965:   Sold to  Soc. des Entrepots de Liquides Industrieles de Djibouti (Soc. de Travaux et Transports Maritimes s.a.r.l.), Djubouti, Fr. Renamed ARSINOE

1965:   30.08.: Grounded. in pos. 15.10 N, 117.40 E (200 nm. WNW Manila), on voyage  Singapore – Shanghai. Broak in two and sunk.

Source : Leif Noreide & Per Kjærevik (Skipet Fleet list) Norwegian Shipping History society.

Author : Dag Bakka Jr. Email dbakka@online.no

Photo : www.sjøhistorie.no

MV Grena Mowinckels Rederi Bergen (1950 - 1956)

Details abouth Norwegian ship MV Troma. Inquiry by A.D.van Eijk, Rotterdam

M/T TROMA (II) (5369140) (LCMT) (1950 – 1963)

Built by  Nederlandsche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij., Amsterdam (# 423)

10.429 brt, 6184 nrt, 16.320 t.dw.    521.5 x 68.0 x 28.4

5cyl. 2T EV Doxford DM (NV Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam), 5500 bHK


1950:   July: Delivered as  TROMA for A/S J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi, Bergen

1963:   Okt.: Sold to Cia. Nav. Continental SA (Ocean Shipping & Trading Corp. New York), Monrovia, Lib. Renamed  ROMANO

1964:   Sold to Demosthones Nav. SA (A. J. Chandris), Monrovia, Lib. Renamed  DONA 10

1971:  Taken over by  Korinthos Navegacion SA (A. J. Chandris), Monrovia, Lib.

 1974: 25.01. Arrived in Kaoshiung for demolishion.

Source : Leif Noreide & Per Kjærevik Skipet fleet list. (Norwegian Shipping Society) Norsk Sjøfartshistorisk Selskap Postboks 87 Rådal  5857 Bergen Norway

Source : Book " Byen ved de syv hav" by Dag Bakka Jr. Email : dbakka@online.no

MV Troma Mowinckels Rederi Bergen (1950 - 1963)

Details of Norwegian Ship MV Sommerstad 1950. Inquiry by A.D. van Eijk, Rotterdam

M/T SOMMERSTAD (III) (5333971) (LCMZ) (1950 – 1967)

                STOLT SOMMERSTAD (LCMZ) (1967 – 1969)

Built by  Nederlandsche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij., Amsterdam (# 424)

10.347 brt, 6123 nrt, 16.320 t.dw.    158,91 x 20,72 x 8,64

5cyl. 2T EV Doxford DM (NV Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam), 5500 bHK


1950:   Aug.: Delivered as  SOMMERSTAD for Skibs-A/S Siljestad (A. F. Klaveness & Co. A/S, Lysaker), Oslo

1967:   Renamed  STOLT SOMMERSTAD

1969:   04.03.: Arrived in  Bilbao for demilishion..

Source : Skipet 2/1986. Author Dag Bakka Jr. E mail dbakka@online.no

MV Sommerstad A.F.Klaveness Rederi Oslo (1950 - 1967) Mv Stolt Sommerstad (1967 - 1969)

Details of Norwegian ship MV Nyholt. Inquiry by A.D. van Eijk, Rotterdam

MV Nyholt
Built by :

Nederlandsche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij. ,Amsterdam,Nederland

June 1951

7/1951 - Delivered from  Nederlandche Dok en Scheepsbouw Mij. Amsterdam as MV Nyholt  to  Skibs A/S Hilda Knudsen v/ Christian Haaland Rederi, Haugesund
1/1965 - Sold to spanish breakers.
22.3.1965 - Delivered tio the spanish breakers in  Mutsure.

Machinery :Dieel engine 2takt dobeltvirkende - 6 cylindere diam. 660x1200mm. Stork Bhk 5500 speed 13.5 knots.


 : www.sjøhistorie.no
Source photo : Book " Våre motorskip" By Leif M.Bjørkelund & E.H.Kongshavn. Lokalhistorisk stiftelse Haugesund, 1999

MV Nyholt Christian Haalands Rederi Haugesund. (1951 - 1965)

Foto MV Nyholt from the book "Våre Motorskip" Haugesund.

MV Nyholt

Details Norwegian Ship MV Bergestrand. Inquiry by A.D. van Eijk, Rotterdam

MV Bergestrand  T.dw 16.220
Built by :

Nederlandsche Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij. ,Amsterdam,Nederland

Building year:1950  Building no: 425


Motortype: Doxford  Bhk 5500 v/ 112 rpm  speed(knots): 12.

History :
15.7.1950 - Launched by Nederlandsche Dok ingen Sceepsbouw Maatschappij VOF Amsterdam
31.10.1950 - Delivered to  Sig.Bergesen dy & Co Stavanger - as  Bergestrand
26.2.1957 - Sold to  Erling Sannes & Co, Bodø - Renamed  - Balmi
1958 - Sold to Einar Rasmussen, Kristiansand - renamed  - Polyrambler
1963 - Sold to  Flaxman SA Cia.Naviera Liberia - renamed - San Martin de Porres
9.3.1965 - On voyage from  Copenhagen to Argentina in ballast, fire in the engine room while in the English Channel. Towed to New Waterway, Holland
21.5.1965 -  "Total loss" and sold as scrap
6 / 1965 Demolishing started.
Machinery :
Dieselmotor 2takt enkeltvirkende - 5 cylindere diameter 670x2320. Doxford licend built by NV Wilton-Fijenoord, Shiedam, Holland

Source : www.sjøhistorie.no

MV Bergestrand Sig. Bergesen dy. Stavanger/Oslo (1950 - 1957)

Details Norwegian ship MV Bow Hill. Inquiery by A.D.van Eijk, Rotterdam

T/S CYPRIA (II) (5001592) (LLUC) (1954 – 1955)

      M/V BOW HILL (II) (LLUC) (1955 – 1957)

Built by Forges & Ch. de la Mediterranee, La Seyne (# 1293)

4993 brt, 2825 nrt, 7100 t.dw.          424.8 x 59.2 x 24.4

3x DTU (F & Ch. de la Med., b.1935),


1949:   Nov.: Delivered as  FORIA for Cie. Generale de Navigation a Vapeur Cyprien Fabre

(Fabre Line), Marseille, Fr.

1954:   Nov.: bought by  Skibs-A/S Hassel (A/S Rederiet Odfjell), Bergen.

Renamed CYPRIA

1955:   June: Rebuilt to M/V by Bergens Mekaniske Verksted : 4cyl. Doxford DM (Wilton-Fijenoord, Rotterdam), 4400 bHK

            Omdøpt BOW HILL

1957:   Aug.: Sold to Cia. Nav. Overseas Transport SA (Mariano Maresca & Co., Genoa), Monrovia, Lib. Renamed ACAPULCO

1966:   Sept.: Sold to  Pacificmar SA (Lelio Pambaloni, Genoa), Monrovia, Lib.

1972:   14.04.: Arrived in Savona for demolishion with G. Riccardi.

Source : www.skipet.no Fleet list made by Per H Kjærevik & Per Alsaker.

 News about "Foria" been rebuilt with Bergens Mekaniske Verksteder is from the book "Linjer rundt jorden" The History of Norwegian Cargo Shipping  Lines, Page 280  chapter abouth IFC line.
Author:  Dag Bakka Jr. Email  dbakka@online.no

Photo : www.shipsspotting.com


T/S Foria. - T/S Cypria - MV Bow Hill

Bow Santos inquiry by A.D.van Eijk, Rotterdam

M/V BOW SANTOS (I) (5378359) (LAPI) (1954 – 1961)

Built by Hall, Russell & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen (# 833)

4939 brt, 2796 nrt, 8010 t.dw.          425.0 x 58.1 x 25.0

5cyl. Doxford DM (Wilton Fijenoord, Rotterdam), 5500 bHK


1954:   Jan.: Deliered as  BOW SANTOS for Skibs-A/S Hassel (A/S Rederiet Odfjell), Bergen

1961:   Sold to  Soc. Generale de Transport Maritime, Monrovia, Lib.

1961:   Aug.: Sold to  Vera Cruz Shipping Co. (Cie. de Navigation Fraissinet), Monrovia, Lib.

            Renamed  VERA CRUZ

1976:   Mai: Sold to  Singapore Islands Line (Pte.) Ltd., Singapore.


1977:   12.06.: Sunk in a  cyklon i pos. 20 N, 63.10 E. On voyage from Umm Said – Singapore with  fertilizer. 7 crew missing.

Source : www. skipet.no</ fleetlist by  Per H Kjærevik & Per Alsaker.

MV Bow Santos Rederiet Odfjell Bergen (1954 - 1961)

MV Troubadour Wilh. Wilhelmsen. Inquiry by A.D.van Eijk, Rotterdam

MV Troubadour Wilh. Wilhelmsen Oslo 9.720 t.dw (1954 - 1971)
Built by Nederlansche Dok en Sceepsbouw Maatschappij V.O.F. Amsterdam
Launched 24.10.1953 (Yard No. 456)
Completed : 04.06.1954 Price paid NOK 19,533,191.09
Machinery : 6-cylinder 2 S.C.S.A.Doxford oil engine og 7,500 b.h.p. by shipbuilders.
Service speed : 17 knots 638.54 cub.m of refrigerated cargo space. Passagers : 12.

13.11.1971 : Sold to John Swire & Son , London renamed
00.00.1973 : Sold to Eggar Forrester (Holdings) Ldt, London
00.00.1976 : Sold to China Mutual Steam Navigation Co.Ltd. (Blue      Funnel Line Managers) Liverpool.
00.01.1977 : Sold to China Navigation Co.Ltd, Hong Kong
00.07.1977 : Sold to Taikoo Nav.Co.Ltd, ( China Navigation Co. Ltd, Managers), Hong Kong.
26.07.1980 : Arrived in Kaohsiung to be broken up by Long Jung Industry Co.Ltd.
22.08.1980 : Demolition commerced.

Source : The Book - Wilh. Wilhelmsen 150 years, Fleet list, by Bjørn Pedersen Wilh.Wilhelmsen.
MV Toubadour Wilh. Wilhelmsen Oslo (1954 - 1971)

MV Toreador Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Oslo. inquiry by A.D. van Eijk, Rotterdam

MV Toreador Wilh. Wilhelmsen Oslo 9.600 t.dw. (1954 - 1973)
Machinery : 6-cylinder 2 S.C.S.A. Doxford oil engine of 7,500 b.h.p. by shipbuilder.
Serivice speed : 17 knots.  638.54 cub.m. of refrigerated cargo space. Passagers 12.

24.04.1954 : Launched by Nederlansche Dok en Scheepbouw Maatschappij V.O.F.Amsterdam.
26.10.1954 : Completed. price paid NOK 19,644,317.10.
28.03.1973 : Sold to Pacific International Lines)Pte.) ltd, Singapore and renamed
Kota Murni.
01.05.1978 : Arrived in Karachi.
16.05.1978 : Moved to Gadani Beach for scrapping.

Source : The Book Wilh. Wilhelmsen 150 years , fleetlist by Bjørn Pedersen Wilh.Wilhelmsen .
MV Toreador Wilh. Wilhelmsen (1954 - 1973)

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