BDS- Cargo ships in service after 1950.

The company flag.

Some of the BDS Cargo ships funnels.

MV Carina 5.997 t.dw. machinery : 6-Cyl Norberg 1700 bhk 10,5 knots. Built by Leathem D Smith Shipsbuilding Co, Sturgeon Bay 1944 as USS AK205 "Poinsett" Bought by BDS 1947. Sold 1952 renamed "Masan".Demolished 1982.

MV "Cygnus" 1.260 t.dw. Compound + lowpressure turbin 1.200 b.h.k - 11.knots. (11.1942 - 08.1952)Built by Langesund Mek.Verksted Langesund 11.1940. Sold to Lykkes Rederi Trondheim renamed "ILA".Sold renamed "SLING".Sold renamed "CATTLE". Gone to breaker's in Singapore 1971

MV Brant County 10.865 t.dw. Machinery : Triple expansion 2.500 Ihk. 11 Knots.Built by New England Shipsbuilding Corp, South Portland Me.1945 as "George M Drake" Bought by BDS 1946 used in County Line.Sold 1954 renamed "Matang. Sold 1956 renamed " Hedwigshutte" Sold 1960 renamed "Saronis". Demolished 1967 in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

MV Brant County

MV Pallas 1.260 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl. Sulzer 1.100 bhk, 12,5 knots. Built by BMV,Bergen 11.11.1941. Sold 1964 renamed "Knut Jarl".Sold 1967 renamed "Spyros" sold 1974 renamed "Levant Hope"Demolished in Spain 1974.

MV Clio 6.988 t.dw. Machinery : 2x6 - cyl,Man 3.860 bhk. 13 knots. Built by Deutsche Werft AG,Hamburg 1939. bought by BDS in 1946. sold 1963 renamed "Panorea". Demolished in Taiwan 1972.

MV Clio

MV Clio

MV Capella

MV Capella

MV Vela 1.975 t.dw. Macinery : B&W 1.175 bhk, 13.8 knots. Built by Eriksberg Mek Verkstad Gøteborg 19.10.1946. Sold 03.1968 renamed "Fay". Sold 1973 renamed "Alexis". Sold renamed "Nabil".Sold 1977. Demolished 1990 unknown place.

MV Mercur

MV Cometa 7.580 t.dw. Built by Helsingør Jernskip & Maskinbyggeri Helsingør 07.1941. Machinery : B&W 7.400 bhk, 16 knots. Sold 07.1970 renamed "Timur Endevour". Demolished in Kaohsiung 1974.

MV Cometa

MV Astrea 1.590 t.dw. Machinery : 7-Cyl.Krupp 3.250 bhk, 13.5 knots. Built by Wartsila-koncernen AB Crichton-Vulcan Åbo. 1941. Bought by BDS 1944, sold 1967 renamed "Tjaldur".1969 Engine breakdown on voyage Copenhagen - Thorshavn. Towed to Ålborg. Demolished 1969 in Neuewe Waterweg.

MV Astrea

MV Crux 1944 7.900 t.dw. Machinery : 2x6 cyl.Norberg 4.150 bhk, 13,5 knots. Built by Pennsylvania Shipyard, Beaumont 1944 as Cape Faro. Bought by BDS 12.1946. Sold 1951 to Nordenfjeske Trondheim b/b T/C back 3 years. From 1954 sailed under different norwegian owners, and had following names,Grey Master, Siredal, Sunfalcon, Concordia Falco, Sol Tulla, Scandia Falcon. Demolished in Kaohsiung 1973.

MV Corvus 1.960 t.dw. Machinery : 5-Cyl B&W 1.175 bhk, 13 knots. Built by Eriksberg Mek.Verkstad Gøteborg 1947.Sold 04.1968 renamed "Mantina" Grounded an sunk on Stack Skerry,Orkenyes 08.04.1968.

MV Luna

MV Actaurus 1.970 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl Sulzer 1.100 bhk, 12 knots. Built by BMV.Bergen 1947. Sold to Nordenfjelske Trondheim 1958 renamed "Atle Jarl". Sold 1972 renamed "Amal".Sold 1977 renamed "Saadeddine"Demolished in Izmir 1980

MV Delfinus 1.980 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl.Sulzer 1.100 bhk, 12,5 knots. Built by BMV.Bergen 1948.Sold 1970 renamed "Fanafjord". Sold 1971 renamed "San Jose".Sold 1975 renamed "Leon".She was still sailing in 1993.

MV Delfinus

MV Diana 1970 t.dw. Machinery : 5-Cyl B&W 1.175 bhk, 12 knots. Sold 1967 renamed "Sletbay".Sold renamed Jaques Del Mar II" Sold renamed "Capitane Cook"Sold 1978 renamed "Sami". Sold 1980 renamed "Willy". Demolished in Kaohsiung 1984.

MV Lynx 1.960 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl Sulzer 1.100 bhk, 12 knots. built by Moss Værft & Dokk, Moss 1948. Sold 1968 renamed "Keelung". Abonded sinking 07.10.1971 in pos.13.30N - 117.30E, on voyage from Bankok - Taiwan.

MV Lynx

MV Lynx

MV Centaurus 1.970 t.dw Machinery : 6-Cyl, Sulzer 1.100 bhk, 12,5 knots. Built by BMV.Bergen 1948. Sold 1962 renamed "Citta de Genova" Demolished 1980 by DeCoMar in La Spezia.

MV Centaurus

MV Draco 1.950 t.dw. Machinery : B&W 5-cyl,1100 bhk, 12 knots. Built by Eriksberg Mek.Verkstad Gøtebord 1948.Sold 1969 renamed "Hereon". sold 1975 renamed "Albatross". Demoilished in Santander 1980.

MV Canopus 1.970 t.dw. Machinery : 6_Cyl.Sulzer 1100 bhk, 12,5 knots. Built by BMV, Bergen 1948. Sold 1965 renamed "Citta de Marsiglia".Sold 1977 renamed "Coral". Demolished unknown place.

MV Leo 1.960 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl, Sulzer 1100 bhk, 12 knots. bulit by Moss Værft & Dokk, Moss 1949. Sold 1968 renamed "Kaohsiung" Ran agound in Hong Kong 1971. Total loss, demolished in Lantau, Hong Kong.

MV Uranus 1.480 t.dw. Machinery : 5-cyl.B&W 2000 bhk 14,5 knots. built by Drammens Slip & Verksted, Drammen Sold 1972 renamed "Mabella".1977 renamed "Agios Nicolaos".Sold 1978 renamed " Sea Lord". Demolished in Perama 1982.

MV Ursa 1.480 t.dw. Machinery : 5-Cyl B&W 2000 bhk, 14,5 knots. Built by Stord Verft, Stord 1955. Sold 1973 renamed "Volissos II".Sold 1979 for demolishion in Carthagena .

MV Ursa

MV Ara 1.478 t.dw. Machinery : 5-Cyl B&W 2000 bhk, 14,5 knots. Built by Drammens Slip & Verksted, Drammen 1955. Sold 1973 renamed "Seis Mariner".

MV Ara

MV Iris 4.570 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl Man 3600 bhk, 14 knots. Built by Orenstein-Koppel und Lubecker Maschinenbau AG, Lubeck 1954. Sold 1967 renamed "Ibis". Sold 1970 renamed "Sama".Sold 1970 renamed "Tikal". Ran aground 20.10.1975 estaury to Puerto Plata.Left as a wrack for many years.

MV Irma 8.490 t.dw. Machinery : 4-Cyl Doxford 4400 bhk, 14,5 knots. built by Alexander Stephen & Son Ltd, Glasgow 1954. Sold 1968 renamed "Virma". Engine failure 27.11.1973 in Montreal. 1974 Sold to spanish breakers in Santander.

MV Irma

MV Irma

MV Irma

MV Crux 1956 8.570 t.dw Machinery : 4-Cyl doxford 4400 bhk. 14,5 knots.1964 - 1967 (Sunrise)1968 (Concordia Crusader) 1968 Crux. Built by Alexander Stephen & Son, Glasgow, 1956. Sold 1969 renamed "Pacific Kliff.Sold 1978 renamed "Agios Gerassimos" Sold to brakers in Pakistan 1981.

MV Neptun 13.356 t.dw. Built by Rheinstahl Nordseewerke GmbH, Emden 05.1958. Sold 10.1958 before leaving the yard, renamed "Haldor Virik" She never sailed for BDS. Sold 1966 renamed "Kenosha". Sold 1976 renamed "Lima". Sold 1981 renamed "Mayflower".Sold to breakers 1983 in Shanghai.

MV Haldor Virik. Virik Rederi Sandefjord. (1958 - 1966)

MV Crux 3.30 t.dw. Machinery 9-Cyl Man 6000 bhk, 17 knots. Built by Kieler Howaldtswerke A G, Kiel as Cap Domingo. Bought 1970 by BDS and partners. Sold 1972 renamed "Marko Polo". Laid up in Split 1984, taken to breakers in Brodospas 1985.

MV Crux

MV Estrella 7.850 t.dw. Machinery : 6-Cyl B&W 5540 bhk, 17 knots. Built by Eriksberk Mek Verkstad AB Gøteborg. sold 1970 renamed "Estrella Del Mar". Sold 1987 renamed "Del Mar" Sold to brakers in Chittagong Bangladesh 1988.

MV Estrella

MV Estrella

MV Estrella del Mar Ex Estrella

MV Estrella Del Mar Ex Estrella

MV Cygnus 8.640 t.dw. Machinery : 8-Cyl B&W 5540 bhk, 15,5 knots. built by BMV, Bergen 1962.Sold 1970 renamed "Neptun Agate". Sold 1987 renamed "Perkasa".

MV Cygnus

MV Cygnus

MV Cygnus

MV Cygnus

MV Cometa 5.650 t.dw. Machinery : 8.Cyl. 2T EV B&W DM 6.450 bhk. Built by Eriksberg Mek Verkstad AB , Gøteborg 1952. as "Arawak"Taken ower renamed "Carib". Sold 1969 renamed "Belgrano". Bought by BDS 1976. Sold 1977 renamed "Demetrios C".1980 arrived in Gadani Beach for demolishion by Abdul Karim Sakarwala.

MV Cometa SAL

MV Pallas 520 t.dw. built by Haugesund slipp, 04.1969 as "Vibran Kristin".Main engine Wichmann 900 bhk, 12 knots. Bought by BDS 05.1969. sold 02.1972 renamed " Gulltopp".Sold 1974 renamed "Elin Christine" grounded outside of Santander. Demolished on the spot.

MV "Clio" 520 t.dw. built by Haugesund Slip, Haugesund 04.1969 as "Vibran Elin". Main engine Wichmann 900 bhk, 12 knots.Bought by BDS 05.1969. Sold 02.1972 renamed "Gulltind".1975 renamed "Havtind".

MV" Deneb" (Nornews Service) 1.229 t.dw.Main engine 6-Cyl Deutz 2200bhk, 14 knots. built by Kleven Mek.Verksted, ulsteinvik 05.1969. Sold 02. 1984 renamed "Paper Trader". 1987 renamed "Sira Trader". sold 1990 renamed "Winco Trader".

MV "Canis" 1.112 t.dw. Main engine 6-cyl Deutz 2.200 bhk, 14 knots. Built by Ulstein Mek.Verksted, ulstenvik 25.06.1969.Sold 1979 renamed "Haukeli". 1993 grounded on Jæren, due to engine failure. Towed to Trondheim for repair.

MV "Iris" 1.230 t.dw. Main engine 8-Cyl Mak 1.400 bhk, 13 knots. Built by Hatlø Verksted, Ulsteinvik 02.1966 as "Helena". 28.11.1969 Taken over by BDS. Sold 06.1983 renamed "Fjelbris". Sold 1989.Renamed "Svennnøy". Capsized in Florø 02.05.1990.Rised sold 1992. Repaired 1993.

MV "Sirius" ( Nornews Express)1.210 t.dw, main engine 6-Cyl Deutz 2.200 bhk, 14 knots. Built by Kleven Mak Verksted, Ulstenvik 02.02.1970. 03.1985 Sold T/C back. 1986 renamed " Paper Express". 1991 renamed "Paper Trader".

MV "Leo" 1.200 t,dw. Main engine 8-Cyl Mak 1.400 bhk, 13 knots. Buiolt by Hatlø verksted A/S, Ulsteinvik as "Brahantia". Sold 1969 renamed "Tor Brahantia". Bought by BDS 01.03.1972. Sold 07.1981 to Næringsutvikling A/S Oslo, renamed "Irish Rose". 1982 Graz Maritime Panama.

MV"Astrea" 3.41 t.dw. Main engine: 2x9-cyl Wichmann 9.000 bhk.Built by Fosen Mek Verksteder,Fevåg 14.07.1979. contracted as "Erik Jarl" Delivered to Nor Cargo (BDS & Partners) Bergen.05.1991 Sold to Sira Astrea, sunk after grounding with Sand Ryfylke 20.09.1991. Raised 22.02.1992.(total Loss) Bought by Stavangerske, repaired in BMV Laksevaag, renamed "Tungenes".

MV "Canis" 4.380 t.dw. Main engine 9-Cyl Mak 3.700 bhk. built by Fosen Mek. Verksteder A/S Fevåg 11.1980. Owned by BDS and partners. (Nor-Cargo). Sold 10.1991 renamed "Jerome B".

MV "Estrella" 3.666 t.dw. main engine : 5-Cyl MWM 3.990 bhk. 14 knots.Built by Kleven Løland A/S Lervik. 09.1987 Owenership taken over by Seatrans. Rebuilt to tanker 1992/93 renamed "Trans Holm".

MV "Vela" 1.100 t.dw. Main engine 9-Cyl Wichmann 2.250 bhk. built by Fosen Mek.Verksteder A/S, Fevåg 02.11.1974. Ownwd by KS AS star - Straum and BDS (40%) 10 years t/c for BDS.1983 charted by Skipautgerd, Reykarvik renamed "Hekla".07.1984 sold to Reykarvik.

MV "Lynx" 1.180 t.dw. Main engine : 9-Cyl Wichmann 2.250 bhk, 13 knots. Built by Fosen Mek Verksteder,Fevåg 02.11.1974.Owned by KS AS Star - Sig, and BDS (40%).Sailed for BDS on T/C 5 years.From 1980 chartred to Island. Sold 04.1982 renamed "Askja". sold 1992 renamed "Lynx".

MV" Cometa" 4.450 t.dw, main engine: 9-Cyl Mak 3.680 bhk. built by Fosen Mek Verksteder A/S, Fevåg 06.1981. Owned by KS Nor-Cargo,(BDS & Partners) Bergen. Sold 1986. Had fire in cargo hull 18.oct.1987 outside og Helgåland. Grounded on Elbe. Repaired by Seebeckwerft in Bremerhaven, delivered in 25.02.1988. Sold 03.1991 T/C back to Nor- Cargo.

MV "Fjord" 1.240 t.dw, main engine 9-Cyl Wichmann 3000 bhk. Built by Fosen Mek Verksteder A/S, Fevåg 10.1976. Contracted by Nordenfjelske,BDS owned part of the ship. 07.1981 Runned by BDS. 1985 back to Nordenfjelske.06-1986 Sold renamed "Isafjord". 1990 sold renamed "Studlafoss".1992 sold renamed "Ice Bird"

MV Cometa 2011.

MV Carina 13.142 t.dw. Machinery : 9-Cyl Man 6000 bhk, 15 knots. Built by Rehnstahl Nordseewerke GmbH,emden 1960. 1967 taken over by A/S Kalander Fredrikstad, renamed "DjatibarangTaken over by Djakarta Lloyd 1971. sold to brakers in Chittagong Bangladesh 1982."

MV Carina Foto : Per Erik Johnsen

MV Carina Foto : Norman Hasket via

Photographs have been supplied by friends and scanned from magazines, and also including those published on the internet. If there are any copyright issues, let me know and I will add an acknowledgment with your permission, or remove the photograph.

Main sources are : Bergenske - Byen og selskapet, by Dag Bakka Jr. Sjø

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hi from australia .i sailed on ms carinna in 1963 have you any picturesof her
we sailed from new orleans to yokahama via honolulu

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Hi Lawrence, if you mean MV Carina from Bergen Norway, I have some fir you. Look under the last Three ships on this page called BDS cargo ships.You will find it

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